Don’t be mindless – be mindful.

Stop from time to time. And think. Let your mind wonder. Day dreaming is such a great thing. It enables you to step momentarily away from making coffee, discussing the weather, reading emails or changing a nappy.

Don’t be mindless……be mindful.

What should you think about? Well, come to “Think” and have a think with me!

For now, perhaps think about the gratitude attitude. No matter what you do or where you are, if you have the eyes to see, isn’t there always a lot to be grateful for?

Thought so!

UK Heatwave

Stop. This is not fair, UK heatwave ? You can’t all of a sudden give me some summer sun at the 11th hour. You can’t, simply can’t –after a summer of cardigans, rain jackets and eternally looking at the sky- give me a record start temperature wise to OCTOBER!!

You see, I don’t buy that. I believe that is classed as bullying. In July, when the schools broke up and every mum and dad with children have 6 or more weeks ahead to organise activities for…then a record temperature week, would have made sense. In the months where so many couples got married, it would have been nice, no more than nice, simply expected and justified, due even, to have some summer sun! I got married in August and it rained! Not that it spoilt our fun, but I am just making the point that things have been organised in nature for a reason. All you have to do, is give heat and sun in the summer, cold and snow in the winter and then still there are 2 seasons left in which you can kind of mix and match a little and do your own thing! Is it really that difficult to stick to 2 seasons of straight forward weather?

Have you any idea how much we have to talk about you? Have you any idea how many hours are spent analysing you, how many people get wrongly dressed or pack their bags incorrectly?! How many people are downright depressed because of what you serve up most weeks?! Is that what you are after, some kind of celebrity status? You want to be the most talked about thing and therefore you just dish up a cocktail of rain, hail and storm in August and no doubt we will see mild December weather on yet another green Christmas day!! I can’t take it anymore and I will not, I say, I will not comply anymore and just dance according to how you pull my strings. You go off and create a subtropical start to October (whilst all the rest of us are planning autumn half term, Halloween and begin to buy the first tentative Christmas presents) but I am no longer playing your games nor will I allow myself to be bullied by you.

This weekend I am putting away all my summer clothes, clean the BBQ and put it away for the winter. I will go out in a jacket, carrying an umbrella and I will only choose indoor activities for my children. I shall go to town and order my first hot chocolate for the season and in the evening I will draw the curtains early and wait for the clocks to change.

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