Halloween F – E – A – R

On this Halloween day don’t be scared or scare yourself! There is too much fear in the world as it is. Fear leads to worry and that is a major drain on your resources. Are the things you are afraid of actually likely to happen or has fear got hold of you and subsequently moved into your mind?Do you remember when you were little and you harbored fears about someone or something being under your bed, the noises you heard or the shadows you saw? Do you remember that when the lights went out that fear multiplied as you imagined the worst? Often our fears today are more about what we imagine that can happen rather than what is actually going to happen. If you are feeling stressed, nervous or fearful about something in your life, then consider what the letters of fear may stand for:

Christmas Health Tips – Detox before the Festive Season.

8 Weeks Until Christmas – Can you do it?

There are 4 excellent reasons to do a detox before Christmas:

You will lose weight and feel fantastic by Christmas time

You can have a fabulous guilt free Christmas

You are avoiding Christmas to go on for a month with its usual routine of parties from early December till the 31st when you feel ridden with guilt and feeling fat

By doing a detox before Christmas you are not only breaking the mold but you are less likely to ruin your health and your waistline by going completely overboard

How to go about it: I will put the strict version up here to which you can of course make any amendments that suit your life better.

Week 1 and 2:

Start the day with a juice Monday to Friday. Juice together 4-6 apples (preferably Golden Delicious), 1 celery stick, ½ avocado, ½ cucumber, ¼ lime peeled, 1 cup of spinach leaves and ½ inch of fresh ginger root and drink.

At lunchtime have a salad with protein (white meat or fish) or a meal soup

In the evening have a protein source (white meat or fish) with a stir fry, roasted vegetables or salad.

In the weekend start with a smoothie. Juice together ¼ pineapple and 1 apple. Then with the hand blender blend the juice with 200g bio live yogurt and ¼ of a banana. Eat lunch and dinner as before.

Avoid coffee, tea and alcohol and avoid bread and pasta

Week 3 and 4:

Start Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a juice as above. On the Tuesday and the Thursday and the weekend start the day with a bowl of plain porridge oats, adding a little honey and cinnamon to taste and add half a banana.

Each lunch and dinner as above.

Avoid coffee, tea and alcohol and avoid bread and pasta

Week 5 and 6:

Start Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the smoothie as described for the weekend days in week 1 and 2. On the other days start with a bowl of porridge oats with a little honey and cinnamon and half a banana.

Add a portion of complex carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes or sweet potato or rye bread to the lunchtime meal on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the weekend.

Eat dinner as above.

If you want, re-introduce a coffee/ tea a day

Avoid alcohol and avoid bread and pasta

Week 7 and 8:

Have porridge with half a banana, a little honey and cinnamon every morning.

Eat a healthy lunch adding a portion of complex carbohydrate such as rye bread, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice.

Eat dinner as above.

One coffee/tea a day.

Choose an evening each week to have a drink.

Avoid bread and pasta

Good luck!

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