Spending Time

What –indeed- have we got
unless we spend the most valuable
currency of all,


Unless we spend time
we are like ships in the night
deer running in a dark forest
blinded participants of life
holding the donkey’s tail
and a faded map

Life stirs, unfolds, reacts
bubbles up, evolves
where life meets life
where words and laughter flow
the energy of
crossing paths
of inter and action
where the friend or the
acquaintance happens to hold
your key.

Kirsten’s Diary of a Pregnant Woman

Body’s changes: Diary of a Pregnant Woman

  • Varicose vein map on left leg
  • Bleeding gums and nose
  • Possible sometimes likely spillage when sneezing
  • Belly button outie (looks like end of elephant’s trunk)
  • Bending forward not easy (and more things fall on the floor)
  • Need for sleep announces itself very unexpectedly (and then I wake up)
  • Toilet breaks like the arrival of buses
  • Boobs that aren’t mine

Diary of a Pregnant Woman

Body’s compensation to make up for inconveniences:

  • Shiny hair and skin
  • Mood changes: Miraculously almost nil (much worse when not pregnant) Can get teary easily over anything; examples: the arrival of spring, watching the school assembly, with every baby born in ITV’s “One Born Every Minute”, as well as one of my boys kissing my bump


Mind set:

  • OMG mind set has changed into “loving the unfolding miracle” mind set
  • The agonising wait for the next appointment has changed to “What?! Are we off to the midwife again?!”
  • Still having to take a day at a time because the enormity of giving birth, will I tear again?, I hope they don’t monitor me constantly, will I embarrass myself?, hope all is ok with the baby and how and when will it all happen can give me an interrupted night sleep, as well as the realisation of being a mum of 3 (and 2 step children, OMG can I do it?), how and where to set up the nursery, what to call it, the prospect of leaking boobs, the question if I can share my love equally between my children, how will the boys respond and how will I deal with the summer holidays and a new baby is also all still inconceivable….

Other than that, the little prods I feel all day every day must be the most amazing feeling in the entire world…



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