Lucky Rain on Your Wedding Day

What you see depends on where you stand!

I got married last year. In August. In a spectacular setting in the Cotswolds. It was a total celebration of love, of making a fresh, committed start as a family and the beginning of a new life.
It may be reasonable to expect fairly good weather in August, but I woke up to clouds in all shades of grey and the pitter patter of rain drops. Initially my heart sank, but then I decided there was little I could do about it and got on with the preparations.

rain on your wedding day

Later the lady who did my hair gave me a whole new way of looking at it and it made me realise that whatever happens you have the ability to look at things from different perspectives.

She said: “Rain on your wedding day is lucky!” I laughed and said: “How do you see that?”
“It is a welknown fact that people who have rain on their wedding day are destined to have a very happy life together”.
I was still unconvinced and waited for a more persuading argument…
“The raindrops that fall today, will be all the tears you would have ever cried! So a happy life it will be!”

That was good enough for me!

5 Top Tips to Eat Better Without Effort

I have written lots of pieces in the past about eating habits, losing weight, improving dietary balance, top tips to eat better and so on. Everyone is interested in staying healthy, fit, young and beautiful -even those people who say they are not-, but not everyone has the space in their life to invest in this in the same way. One thing is absolutely certain, worrying about it, hating yourself and pressing the self destruct button will get you nowhere fast.

top tips to eat better

The most important thing to remember is that it is not fat but sugar that is your worst enemy.
Sugar is hidden in so many things we consume and we often grab convenient snacks along the way, most of which are sugar based.


Keep it simple and stick to the basics:

  1. Eat a good breakfast to set you up for the day. In order to make your breakfast last, eat a generous bowl of oats with half a banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon or try boiled/scrambled egg (avoid all the yolks if you are watching your weight) on brown toast/rye bread.
  2. Eat your complex carbohydrates (such as rice, pasta, potatoes) at lunchtimes where possible. If this is a challenge, then have a much smaller potion of this in the evening, or avoid complex carbs and replace with lots of vegetables or a big salad.
  3. Choose healthy snacks: nuts & seeds, piece of cheese/ham, natural yoghurt, fruit, cut a selection of raw veg such as celery/carrot/peppers (with humus for example)
  4. Have a light dinner with a protein source (fish, meat, pulses, eggs) and plenty of veg. A stirfry is an excellent option, healthy and quick.
  5. Avoid long gaps between your meals and try and have your evening meal before 8pm at the very latest.


Aim to have between 5 and 6 good eating days a week, rather than putting yourself under pressure to have a halo and eat well all the time (it isnt likely to happen!). Learn to say “No” and listen to your body!

Good luck!



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