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Diamond in the mud

My new poetry book Diamond in the mud

When you are going through a change in your life, don’t think only about where you are but also about where you want to be. Think right outside the box and keep perspective. When you hover over the whole of human experience, your life merely is a tiny speck. Even more reason to get on with today and make your life change exactly in the direction you want it to go. You have one life and time is short. One of the many topics that I like to write about, often based on my own life experience are poems about life changes or our purpose in life.

The poem below is one of many published in my book – Diamond in the mud available below. All paperback books direct from Doodle Lounge will be signed by Kirsten and are priced at £7.99

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100 Years from now

In 100 years from now
Your bank balance will be irrelevant
And so will be your insurances, your policies, your pension
Your disagreements, your portfolio, the colour of your hair
In 100 years from now
Any acrimony will have died with your final words
And all artificial life securities
Will have gone to the source of their arising
cashed in or paid off
Only that which money couldn’t buy
Your values, your dreams, the sound of your beliefs
Invested love and kindness
An array of stored memories and smiles
Could have changed the world
You once occupied
Rendering you immortal
Depending on what you sowed


The Body Bank – Available NOW !

My new book “the Body Bank” is available to order NOW.

It is my philosophy to work according the Body Bank principle, which means that you invest a little into your health and wellbeing each and every day.

Instead of big dieting regimes that always fail, training boot camps that you quickly grow to hate and any other techniques of self destruction, deprivation and punishment, I propose lifestyle, age and experience appropriate positive efforts on a very regular basis that set you up for success.

There is a world of guilt and self loathing out there…… what a waste of effort and energy. More often than not people get stuck in those negative states, procrastinate and ultimately make it their reason not to change. If you have tried it all with little to no success and you are again planning a jogging strategy or a diet, try the Body Bank instead and having ongoing successes without looking back.

If you put a little effort into the wellbeing of your mind and body every day, then you perform better, get more out of yourself and over time your body gratefully pays you back the interest.

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