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Giving Life

For all the minor physical issues that pregnancy brings with it, I need to stop at times and remind myself of the very fact that there is perhaps nothing more important in the world than “giving life”. Having ability to give life is a blessing but its long and sometimes rocky ride heralds the danger that the magic is being lost in running the family, doctor’s appointments and work.

In the tired evening moments when I am almost ridiculously desperate to put my legs up and I spend some time really feeling my baby’s movements, I find myself being woken up to the fact that I am carrying a fully formed and moving person. Ok, I moan at my varicose vein, I giggle at my alien profile in the mirror, I curse my bump when I struggle to reach my toes, I sound incoherent when I am so tired I can no longer stand up and I forget things, but the notion of the fact that I am building a baby and the fact that I am months away from giving life, is never far away from my mind. It is so awe-inspiring that it is almost not from this world. In every way, I look upon this baby as a gift from God and the angels and I feel the lucky treasure chest in the middle of that story.

giving life

Giving life. Giving love, warmth, protection, security. Giving cuddles, milk, brotherly attention and a welcome into the world. A world that maybe is in some respects not something to be terribly proud of, but the fact remains that being human has a lighter side as each of us can give birth to life, to ideas, to love at any one time.

All day long I feel the kicks when it dances on my bladder and gives me indigestion. The physical symptoms of an unearthly miracle unfolding. I must remember the heartbeat skipping excitement of this all.
I can’t wait to meet you.

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