Take a moment and reflect

Have you ever done an “Oracle” on a book? It is something I do when things don’t seem straightforward or when I fail to see the bigger picture. Sometimes it really works to take a moment and reflect. It is really simple. Take any personal development book that inspires you or a book with quotes or sayings and open it on a random page with the belief that the page in front of you gives you the message for that day. You may be amazed at what you find.

Earlier I opened a little book I treasure on the page that said the following:

Over all maintaintops
Is peace.
In all treetops
You perceive
Scarcely a breath.
The little birds in the forest
Are silent.
Wait then; soon
You, too, will have peace.

(Goethe, 1749-1832)

tree tops

Listen to the Omens and Follow Your Heart

Has it ever happened to you that you go about your day and all of a sudden something you see or hear seems to be speaking to you? It could be the lyrics of a song, the colours of a painting, an advertisement or a simple word or feeling that hits you. Do you contribute it to coincidence and ignore it, or do you let it move you? What would you be able to pick up on, what would you be able to translate, what wisdom could you receive if you tried to listen to the omens around you?  Whether it is coincidence or something else, if you stepped outside the world you normally live in and extend the parameters of your mind, there might be so many different things you see from a different angle. What you see depends on where you stand. And if in life there is some sort of journey planned for each person, then alongside making your plans and reading your self-written map, you may also glean information from various omens on your way, markers and signposts that may determine your next move. So amidst the noise of the 21st century there is something to be said for being silent enough in order to hear or read the omens as a guide to following your heart.  follow your heartI heard a song this morning that I had listened to many times before: “One Life” by James Morrison. All of a sudden the words “the more you think you know what’s right, the less you do what you feel inside”, really jumped out at me. Possibly words I needed to know. In his great book about following the omens, “The Alchemist”, Paulo Coelho writes about listening to your heart as each and everyone has a purpose to find. “Listen to your heart. It knows all things, because it came from the Soul of the World and it will one day return there.”
Most of us are predominantly focussed on the thing that lies directly in front of us, the problem to solve or the obstacle to overcome. We are bound by the restrictions of our thinking and our day to day reality. What could this Monday hold for you if you listened to and followed the omens that come to you today?

“The more you think you know what’s right, the less you do what you feel inside.”





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