A Brave New World – Bleak Economic Future in the UK

If you can’t change the world, you can change your world.

The economic situation in the world, in Europe, hangs over us each day like a dark cloud. Dark clouds speak no sunny words, from dark clouds comes only rain or hail that washes away any hopefulness and waters down dreams. As an ordinary person standing alone looking up at the darkness, being subjugated every day to the depression of the financial world, I cannot but help but wonder who was responsible for this mess. All the rich and clever people in charge of countries, governments, establishments and banks, were they really all out for themselves? Is this the aftermath of greed and selfishness?

But then again I wonder if knowing the reason for it would make any difference. The outlook is bleak at very best and established structures are breaking down the world over. Somehow an explanation may be unnecessary, but the signs surely need to be read. What got us here, won’t get us there. And there is no single escape for the enlightened, the clever or the wealthy.
Something struck me. Something which must be an age old truth that certainly is fully known by this planet we live on and definitely known by ancient cultures. In our individualistic Western minds we have tried to rush ahead and make ourselves better without counting the cost. Yet, no man can work independently, no culture can stand alone, no economy can operate successfully forever behind closed doors. Someone needs to buy, someone needs to sell, someone needs to manufacture. The world is a web and each person, each transaction, each decision has repercussions on the strands of what we have spun collectively. There are consequences for the environment whether we take this seriously for our generation or not. There are knock on effects for development, education and prosperity. Here is the actualisation of the Tortoise and the Hare. We sped along victoriously making money, without perhaps checking, validating or safeguarding the whole of the web from future turmoil. As we looked after our strand alone, we forgot about the web, but the web didn’t forget us. We caught ultimately what we spun, carelessness.

Perhaps we are all only children within the length of human experience on this planet to date. Maybe it is so that we are destined to learn hard lessons at the hands of our own over zealousness and therefore we have the opportunity to put it right. Maybe like self-centred children, we need to learn social skills beyond our front door, with respect for other cultures, other opinions and with respect for the resources that we draw upon from the earth we live on. After all, the beauty of life itself is that nothing is ever bleak forever. Every phase comes to an end, goes through a period of change and regenerates itself. Somehow there must be some evolutionary process intertwined within this, but if we forever more have to learn the same lessons generation after generation then that may be a waste of the human opportunity.

I believe that this time is no longer a time for inflexible structures, antiquated leaderships and old rulebooks. Too many people live in poverty, too many people suffer the devastating aftermaths of war, too many people are hungry and live in fear. Governments are only a tiny cog in the wheel of possibly making any improvements, unfortunately largely ineffective if lead by power hungry politicians.
I believe this is the time to look to self. You can 100% make a difference within your own life. If you can’t change the world then you can change your world. You can exchange defeat for a winning attitude. There are always possibilities if you develop the eyes to see. Read, learn and treat others the way you want to be treated. Extend your energy to your community, be kind and grasp any opportunities that may sail past you. Go deep inside yourself and challenge your thinking. There is no need to be stuck in a dead end job, because there indeed you will die and that way you are not much good to anyone. What is your talent, your unique skill? What would be possible for you if you actually jumped into the driver’s seat of your life and changed gear? What would happen if you stopped complaining and became a part of the solution? We have it all. Certainly with the fortuitousness of having been born in Europe supposed to Iraq or Libia, we are rich but lost the ability to see it. This may be the exciting time of the reconstruction of the world, the survival of the most adaptable and the growing up for human kids. What kind of lessons will our children learn and what kind of future will our children have and if we in our world today do not merit one?

Bleak Economic Future in the UK

The economic situation is abysmal with everything pointing to a bleak economic future in the UK. News article after news article more or less states the same thing: it is bad. It is bad everywhere. It is depressing to see such glum news stories each and every day and it is probably going to go on for some time to come. If ministers, business people and especially bankers cannot find a solution, then what are we supposed to do? Trust and belief in government has long been failing when witnessing those in leadership to be as corrupt as age old stories throughout history told and predicted.

Power and greed’s hunger is never satisfied. Many will bend their truths and betray their values to get ahead, whilst stepping on heads and hearts in the process. For years we have been taught to look out for ourselves, to take care of number one. But nothing in this economic mess will be resolved in isolation. As long as there are huge winners and losers, everyone more or less loses. Lack of cooperation and solidarity between people, communities and countries, will ensure this situation to continue.

So, shall I just sit back and carry on watching the news until I am so demotivated that I cannot get up and move anymore? I don’t think so. As long as I can think, read and doodle, I can do something positive today. So press the pause button, look away from your 24 hour rolling news feed for a second and think about how rich you really are. Even at the lowest moments in my life, I managed to find something to be grateful for. Maybe that’s where it all starts…a little humility. The knowing that according to simple, natural laws there can’t always be growth and abundance. And that in times of economic downturn we learn to appreciate how good life was and in many cases -here in the western world- still is.

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