Plough Your Field

There seems to be activity on every field in the area where I live. Hay stacks, combine harvesters, tractors and flocks of birds waiting in anticipation. This hive of activity is essentially why we can enjoy food on our tables; I was never very aware of this until I lived here. Driving past those fields and seeing the farmers ploughing their fields it occured to me that this is in actual fact a nice metaphor for life. You can’t after all expect to grow things on a field without preparing the soil. And equally you can’t keep drawing endlessly from the same soil either. In the same way you can’t start something in your life without good preparation and drawing on the same resources all the time will exhaust them.

If you have a plan, an idea or you want to make something happen in your life, then make sure you “plough your field” in preparation for sowing the seeds of inspiration. Set yourself up for success for the future. The farmer ploughs his field always looking ahead, avoiding to go “off course” and creating diagonal lines in the soil. In the same way you must keep an eye on the bigger picture when preparing your plans and goals. Incredibly, where you sow your seeds of intention today, you may be reaping rewards of all kinds in the not too distant future.

Feeling Out Of Control

Do you feel sometimes that so many things are out of your control? Much like keeping plates spinning on top of little sticks, it is defintely impossible to keep running left and right in order to give them a swing. Not to mention all the outside factors that could and most likely will interfere and make you drop a few plates here and there. The harder you try to control the plates, the sticks, your speed and accuracy and all the things that may happen, the more likely you will exhaust yourself and fail.
But it is always hard to conclude that life cannot be controlled…

Is that it, you may think?! Life cannot be controlled so I may as well throw in the towel and let it happen. Don’t descend into helplessness. Life may not be able to be controlled but you can manage you, your thoughts, your actions. You can’t control outside circumstances, or even other people.
You cannot control the wind, but you can always adjust your sails.



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